CCG is built by, managed and comprised of forward-thinking entrepreneurs that have invested in the future, and seek to continue to compete on a more level playing ground. Our membership is focused on industry-leading KPI performance results, and OE certified repair credentials.

To participate a repairer must meet this definition, and provide credible references to support good standing in the collision repair community. CCG does not provide OE certification services, but we can assist your business in the process of acquiring  OE certifications, along with the required training and equipment, at significant savings.

Team CCG  diligently focuses resources on the necessary steps to maintain direct connectivity to the insurance community, and dozens of supply chain partners, by adding value in a way far different than national chains.

If you are  seeking to be active in the future of this industry, compete on a more level playing ground in the face of consolidation and national chain expansion, and joining a network of like-minded business owners interested in optimizing our significant economies of scale, CCG  is a  stability-creating viable option to  succeed in a more competitive manner.

Please, complete our online application today to learn more.