CCG Joins Forces with Elitek to Provide Mobile & Remote Diagnostic Solutions

Reno, NV, August 29, 2021 – Certified Collision Group™ (CCG), the OE Certifications and KPI-focused solutions provider to the collision repair and insurance communities, announced today a partnership with Elitek Vehicle Services (“Elitek”) to better serve all independent collision repair affiliates by providing a mobile on-site diagnostic services solution.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with LKQ with the addition of Elitek,” said Marty Evans, CCG’s Chief Operating Officer.  “This is yet another illustration of our unwavering commitment to OE Certified, proper repairs and empowering our independent affiliates with the best tools and solutions to deliver their industry-best service on behalf of the customer.   As CCG continues to grow, we do so on the shoulders of the best collision repairers in the industry supported through our strategic alliances with the best and most reliable providers in the industry and Elitek is yet another example of that commitment.”

Elitek will provide CCG affiliates with mobile onsite vehicle diagnostics and calibration, including mobile re-flashing, programming and diagnostics using OE diagnostic software and vehicle interfaces.

“Increasing vehicle technology leads to more complex repairs, and Elitek is uniquely positioned to partner with Certified Collision Group affiliates to diagnose, repair and calibrate vehicle electronics including ADAS systems,” noted Terry Fortner, Vice President Sales and Marketing, LKQ North America. “The combination of a remote and mobile diagnostic services offerings puts Elitek a step ahead of the competition and serves CCG better than ever with mechanical, AC service, module programming, electrical repairs, and an array of diagnostic services, with certified technicians.  Elitek is North America’s largest full-service provider of remote and mobile solutions using a full range of OE diagnostic tools, to assist shop throughput and cycle time, while improving the customer service experience.  Most importantly, both repair facilities and vehicle owners can have comfort and peace of mind knowing that a safely repaired and functional vehicle has been returned to the road, all backed by LKQ’s Promise of Calibration.”

The repair solutions provided by Elitek include airbag, theft and vandalism repair, electronics, electrical and wiring, and full mechanical services. Additionally, using the same OE diagnostic and ADAS related suite, Elitek will also provide full ADAS-related calibrations with confirmation test drives and documentation plus OEM remote diagnostics, programming, and scanning.

CCG operates in 39 states supporting more than 575 independent locations and more than 50 vendor provider partners.  The focus remains providing the insurance community with a sustainable alternative that is differentiated by more than 2500 OE badges and industry leading KPI results.

About Certified Collision Group

Certified Collision Group™ (CCG) provides non-intrusive competitive solutions to well-established OE Certified automotive repair businesses with proven performance relative to advanced repair capabilities, customer satisfaction results, and b2b client key performance indicators. CCG Affiliates benefit from CCG’s business development and scale-based supply chain that leads to increased revenues, profitability, and stability. Consumers and insurers benefit from the repair and service capabilities of CCG’s OE certified Affiliates.

About Elitek Vehicle Services

Elitek Vehicle Services in headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas. Elitek has grown to become the nation’s largest independent provider of mobile, on-site vehicle services to automotive mechanical repairers, collision repairers and national fleets. The Company assists automotive repair and collision facilities in improving cycle time, shop throughput and labor assistance in order to get vehicles back on the road safely and effectively.